Shalefield Stories vol II

My introduction to the world of high volume, slick water, horizontal, hydraulic fracturing came when I heard of plans to drill under a beloved park near my childhood home. I realized, after the extreme opposite opinions I found in a google search, I’d have to go see for myself the truths that come from this industry. I traveled only about an hour from Pittsburgh to a part of the state that has a heavy industry interest for several years. What I found could only be described as an industrial wasteland. There was a grid of well pads, holding ponds, compressor stations, processing plants and pipeline infrastructure intermingled with the homes and farms of the rural area. In many cases directly in their back yards. I began meeting residents and found many had similar stories of lost or contaminated well water and similar health and legal issues. They had consistent stories of spills, accidents and lies. It seemed impossible that this amount of harm could be so silenced and unheard just a few miles away in the city of Pittsburgh, where very little drilling has taken place. When I met an organization that focused on telling these stories I was eager to become involved. I lent my camera and design skills to Shalefield Stories Vol II. A 56 page booklet of first hand accounts of what it’s like to live among the oil and gas industry. Please visit to order your copy today.